Workshops and Events

Earthship Greenhouse Construction Workshop
September 14-15 and September 21-22
Come and learn how to construct a greenhouse from tires, dirt, and elbow grease. This will be a hands on workshop where participants help us assemble the materials for our earthship greenhouse. $25 per day, includes lunch. Camping available for $15 per night.

Harvest Gathering
October 5-6
Come and celebrate the harvest with us! Saturday we'll have an open house and a party in the evening - pot luck, bring a musical instrument and a chair. We will host a sweat lodge on Sunday - we ask people who want to participate to write to and to plan to bring water from a special place you know in Vermont for the lodge. Camping available for $15 per night.

New Economy World Cafe
October 18th 6:00 in Cabot Village at the Willey Building
A pot luck dinner and discussion of the New Economy, part of New Economy Week statewide. We're kicking off a Town Meeting petition campaign to ask the legislature to create a public bank for Vermont.

Stone Circle Workshop
October 19-20
Ivan McBeth, the founder of the Green Mountain Druid Order, will be teaching us how to build a stone circle for our land. Come prepared to be amazed at the history of stone circles around the world, and learn how people moved these megaliths without modern equipment. $100 for the weekend, includes lunch both days. Pot luck dinners. Camping available for $15 per night.